Ilan ba tayong magkakapatid? Isulong ang Census ! 

Article VII - Constitutional Commissions
CoMe General Rules of Procedure

RDC Standard Reporting
Mandatory Pledge Registration 

ID Conflict Management Guidelines
ID Gurus @ Work 
Acceptable Proof of Regular Membership
for New ID Application (PDF)

ID Processing Guidelines 
ID Processing Fees 
ID Officers Appointment 
List of ID Officers 
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"Save Target As.." to download 

ID Application Form 

ID Number Format & Coding 
in MS Word, PDF

APO Code of Conduct

Life Membership Guidelines (PDF)
(Approved during the 23rd Biennial Convention)
Guidelines in Determining as Organizer (Founder) 
Application Form 
Processing of Life Membership Application (PDF) 
Publishing the Life Applicants

Associate Membership Guidelines (PDF)
(Approved during the 23rd Biennial Convention)
Application Form 
Application Status 
Guidelines on the Conduct of Associate Members (PDF) 

Honorary Membership Guidelines (PDF) 

Petitioning for Charter Recognition 

APO Pledge Program
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then right click & select "save as..."
app-forms.zip, app-certificates.zip 
Password for the following file
is our 10th Jewel.

Complaints Relating to

Kilala Ng Ina Ang Anak Niya 
CoMe Resolution No. 20080610-01 
Reliable Alpha Phi Omega Roster (RAPOR) 
"Tatanda Din Sila" 

Preliminary Investigation on Complaints Relating to

Article for Boracay Souvenir (unpublished) 

APO CBL Proposed Amendments  

List of National Biennial Conventions 

"Balik Chapter" Program
CoMe Resolution No. 20080815-02
Peace Caravan 2008 Video 

Kilos Kapatiran ng APOKAA 153
55th National Founding Anniversary @ PAWB

Trabaho Abroad Para Sa AphiO 
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Resume Standard Format

Anti-Hazing Law - Republic Act No. 8049 
NEB 2001-2003 Files

Tagaytay Convention, 2007
Back (left to right): Bro. Edmar Par, Sis. Cris Palon,  Bro. Mar Barrios, Bro. Orly Reyes 
Front (left to right): Bro. Ernie Salting, Bro. Boy Lopez, Bro. Jun Pangapalan 

Boracay Convention, 2009
From left to right, Bro. Comm. Edmar Par, Bro. Comm. Boy Lopez, Bro. Comm. Mar Barrios, 
Sis. Comm. Cris Palon, Bro. Comm. Rep. Tony Basar, Bro. Comm. Ernie Salting & Bro. Comm. Orly Reyes 

Coom. Rep. Bro. Tony Basar 

Certificate of Appreciation
Presented  to CoMe by the BOD DY 2003-2005 

Presidential Citation
Given to CoMe on May 4, 2007

For further information, please email us.

Bro. Boy Lopez
Chair, APO CoMe
Bro. Ernie Salting  
Deputy Chair, APO CoMe

ROOM 214 

APO NAO Location Map 


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